Losin’ It

I have been on a diet the past three weeks.  The first was one of those “eh” weeks where your body is rejecting everything you are doing because it does not quite understand the notion of eating the excess within itself before consuming outside, foreign objects.  I did not lose weight that week.

Week two, however, was a little more productive.  I lost two pounds running and feasting on Ensure and Lean Cuisines.  The best, however, was still to come.

On Sunday morning, I walked into the bathroom and pulled out the scale.  Inspecting the dial to make sure it wasn’t unbalanced, I stepped on. Focusing on the needle, I was surprised to see where it fell.  Instead of dropping another two pounds for the week, I lost six!  I lost the equivalent of six cuts of roast beef!  Six bowls of macaroni and cheese!  Six pints of ice cream!

I don’t know where I lost those six pounds from, but I was glad to see them off, wherever they went.


2 thoughts on “Losin’ It

  1. oh pooky butt face congratulations. soon we can borrow each others clothes and my wardrobe will have effectively doubled.

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