Recently Made Mine

About two years ago, I purchased an iBook G4 from an Apple Store in Columbus, Ohio.  Brimming with excitement about finally getting the laptop of my dreams, I quickly pulled it from its confines and, sitting wide-eyed like a child on Christmas, began to poke around on the notebook.  I.  Loved.  It.

Two years later, law school flushed my hopes and dreams down the toilet.  The laptop I loved so near and dear to my heart was now a useless contraption taking space in my apartment.   All this because of a singular piece of software that happened to be integral to my sanity during the next four years: testing software.

You see, the testing software the law school uses, Exam Soft, is not Mac friendly.  It doesn’t even like Bootcamp.  Because I did not have a thousand dollar lying around the apartment, I ended up having to write out about seven hours worth answers on paper.  This may not be a problem for the normal student, but if you are me, this draws you in to panic mode.

I always bomb written tests.  It is a self-evident truth I can attest to even in my youngest years.  I somehow manage to fall asleep, forget everything I studied, or just freeze up entirely.   It is like that drug commercial from the early 90s where they demonstrate how your brain looks on drugs using a fried egg.  That is pretty much how I react.

Nicely enough, law school only has one set of exams.  And they fall right smack at the end of the semester.  Lucky me, right?

Thankfully, Christmas falls directly before the new semester.  Now I have a brand, spankin-new notebook PC from HP and it is pretty fancy.  Hopefully, this will aid in testing.  It is a hard bet to roll on, but it is a risk worth taking.

It’s not an Apple, but it is the Horse Power I was looking for to win the race…


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