The Roller Coaster of Resolutions

Okay.  I have been incredibly lazy about updating this blog.  However, I am on break from law school, so one should forgive me for wanting to spend all free time doing absolutely nothing.  Like, playing Sim Golf so often you are the only person who you can compete against in rankings because you have so many games open.  It’s sad, but true.  And nothing makes me happier than avoiding a water hazard in a cartoon game of golf.

So, really, my first resolution is to update this blog more often.  Even if it means talking about my fascination with counting calories.

This fascination leads me into my second resolution: lifestyle change.  I am carefully monitoring my caloric intake during the day (read: I am studying labels and recording them religiously) and actually – even willingly – exercising and not minding the pain.  The minding the pain thing is usually what deters me from, oh, absolutely every single athletic activity on the planet except line dancing (it so should be a sport).

And finally, the pain and suffering of athletic activities places us at my third and final resolution: suck it up and deal.  I have always been a really, really big whiner.  I am the sort of person that will cry while riding her bicycle in the middle of a 75 mile ride because my legs ache.  Or the wind is blowing in my direction.  Or the sun it hot.  Yes, I am that kind of girl.  So, in order to preserve Dave’s sanity, I will try to deal with everything a little more maturely.

I think those are all very valient resolutions – and since I started my lifestyle change before the New Year it’s not a diet, so you won’t find me fainting in the middle of a busy intersection or bus stop any time soon because the results are occurring fast enough.  Fast enough – get it?



One thought on “The Roller Coaster of Resolutions

  1. YOU CAN DO IT. i’m giving up soda. doing pretty decent. except drinking more water only makes me more thirsty i think. well g-luck. and not all sports are painful. i heart bball

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