A Big Year

Cheney shot his friend in the head while hunting. Britney Spears showed the world her goodies. Not a single hurricane touched Florida’s panhandle.

I managed to notch 24 years into my wall of existence.

2006 was a big year for me. I graduated from The Ohio State University with two, distinctly different degrees. I started a career with a Fortune 500 company. I visited Madison, Wisconsin over the summer (and it made me want to live there). I enrolled in law school at the University of Akron. I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend, Dave. We adopted a dog and named her Aries. I celebrated my 24th birthday and a one year anniversary. I anticipate a very happy holiday season.

A lot about me has transformed in the past year. I am definitely not the same person I was in college, but I am not terribly different. I study harder for law school, which pretty much consists of studying to begin with, since college was more of a breeze than maybe even high school. Law school, unlike the rest of my educational career, fails to coddle their students and guide them watchfully under wing.

I feel as though I have more purpose in my new career – and hell, I actually like the people I work with currently. There is a drastic difference between working with students in college and working alongside people with the same goal. While no place escapes gossip, this place left high school to the teenagers. Changing positions was the most refreshing difference of the entire year.

Adding law school to my agenda was one of my life goals, but it came with a price. Part-time enrollment and full-time employment turn me into an agitated, stress-out crazy person sometimes. Within three months of beginning the studies, I had three terribly hard mental breakdowns. The stress was enormous and the silent, vicious competition can make law school one of the most horrifying experiences of your life. There were times I looked at a text, the lines blurring into oblivion, and wondered if I was honestly cut out for this. Law school tests your mind and mental strengths to their absolute limits and holds on just to see if you can resist the urge to break. Unfortunately for the concept, I am one of those incorrigible, know-it-all, aggressive A-Types that just will not quit. And while I have not received my grades, the hundreds of hours I spent studying over the course of the semester will probably reap some happy benefits. Passing benefits are good enough for me at this point.

Law school, as most would probably agree, has taken away most of my will to associate or make new friends. It makes the most hard working people recluses. This, in effect, has made my scarce amount of friends in the area magnify. In turn, that has made me feel quite lonely. After working forty hours a week, attending school for another 9 hours, and then adding something along the lines of 10-15 hours a week for studying, there is not much room left for socialization. What was left was usually met abrasively, leaving me feeling lethargic and alone. It ended up causing severe strain on a generally healthy relationship and even now, my dog still likes Dave better because I did not spend the same time with her as he did.

Situations will resolve. I will make new friends within law school. Law school will finally have some resolution after exams (you have no way of gauging your progress during the semester because there are no exams until finals). Dave and I are still fine. Everyone is healthy. Life is resoundingly better than it could be, as everything could be worse.

Overall, it was a good year filled with a lot of love. Next year has thousands of possibilities for happiness and success. I will do something great.


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