The Birthday Surprise

Excuse the lateness of the story, I have had law school finals.

About a month ago, the local radio stations began running advertisements for the Cleveland Orchestra. The commercials were for the performance of Holst’s The Planets, and upon hearing these advertisements, I knew that I wanted to go. Every time I heard the striking chords of Mars or the hymn in Jupiter, my interest grew. However, as much as I yearned to see the Orchestra masterfully perform the piece, I never vocalized my thoughts to Dave.

At the same time these advertisements began running, Dave pondered on what he wanted to give me for my birthday and our one year anniversary, which happened to be but a few days following. I cannot help but rave on what great taste and insight my boyfriend possesses. He manages to hear through my random mutterings and pull out the most significant of those rambles to mold into a beautifully planned evening. He performed excellently this time, too.

He purchased the Holst tickets without ever asking me and without ever knowing that this was what I wanted to do. One morning, he almost asked me if it would be something I would be interested in seeing after hearing one of the spots on a local radio show I was listening to while going through my morning motions. He thought better of it and left it a surprise.

When the day came, I knew I had to dress nicely, but nothing too fancy. He promised a great dinner at a local Hibachi and that in order for the surprise to be fulfilled, I would have to wear a blindfold until we arrived at our destination. Feeling a little silly, but overwhelmed with excitement, I obliged. As I donned the mask, a couple passing by his car shared a laughed as they noticed our little spectacle.

We drove for what seemed like hours, and the turns made me feel as though we were heading in a thousand different directions, circling haphazardly throughout the city. Antsy with excitement, egged on by Dave’s constant hinting and playful undertones, I was finally allowed to remove the blindfold. There, brightly lit with couples hurrying to the entrances, we witnessed Severance Hall in all its glory. Festively wreathed for the holiday season, the iconic Cleveland building stood proudly on University Circle.

It was a beautiful evening consisting of an English Horn concerto and a fantastic master work by Holst. But the most exceptional part of the entire experience was not the music, it was the confirmation of the perfect harmony in which Dave and I think. It was the essence of love.


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