Lately, Dave has been teaching Aries new tricks.  It’s become a little bit of an obsession.  So much to the point that he’s asked me to help him out in ways one would not think a boyfriend would ask his girlfriend to perform.

Monday evening, he got the idea into his head that he wanted Aries to learn how to fetch his shoes.  I, of course, was skeptical.  Aries is the type of dog that will sleep on your head if you don’t wake up with her at 5:45 in the morning.  She is definitely not the sort of dog to fetch shoes.

But, because I love Dave, I said I would help.  Because he wanted this lesson to be authentic and realistic, he asked me to fetch the shoe as she would, so she could learn.  After giving him a dirty look, I scampered off on my hands and knees, grabbed the shoelaces with my teeth, and dropped them back off at his feet.

Sitting up nice, he placed a little dog treat in my hands and called me a “good girl.” What love.

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