Coffee Love

Let me start this off by disclaiming that this topic may not be suitable for those eating or generally disturbed by anything that originates outside of the body, ingested, and then excreted (such as sweat, urine, fecal matter, etc.).

Coffee, aside from tasting like Heaven, has many benefits to the human body, especially human bodies that have the distinction of needing lots of fiber to make healthy trips to the restroom, like mine.

One cup of joe in the morning makes each bathroom experience more delightful than the last because it 1. doesn’t take thirty minutes of newspaper time to get the job done and 2. it isn’t painful anymore.  I disclaimed this could be graphic for the sensitive, didn’t I?

Apparently, coffee has also been found to reduce Type 2 Diabetes in those that consume the beverage.  No one can wholly explain the benefits or whether they come from caffeine alone (or even why those benefits are stronger in decaffeinated).  And for those whose lives involve both booze and coffee (ahem, most college undergraduates), coffee can reduce cirrhosis of the liver by about 20% if you consume one cup a day.  So, for the sake of reducing health care costs in the future, please stop by your local coffeehouse for a few beans of Arabica.

Just remember that 7 million tonnes of coffee are expected to be produced annually in 2010.  Each farmer that works endless hours to prepare those beans (have you ever seen the Dirty Jobs episode at the coffee plantation?!) should receive a fair market value for his work.  Look for the fair trade label on your favorite beans and drink with a healthy, happy, and light heart and body (if you’re like me!).


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