You’re Just Another Idiot in Law School

Law school manages to effectively make all students of the program feel like complete and utter dunces in the most simplest and sincerest of forms.  Professors assign you cases to read, problems to solve, and memos to write.  Each time any of those assignments come to fruition, they promptly pull out the red pen and complete a slasher movie across the perfectly bleached white paper you first presented them.  You come out of the whole experience feeling battered, bloodied, and utterly used.

For the most part, I feel as though this is their sardonic moment to make our lives hell because once in the past, someone else made them feel moronic, too.   And let me tell you, this little covert action works.  There are moments in class where you will want to close the cover of your laptop over your head and cry into the keys in order to effectively kill yourself by electric shock.  If that experiences manages to pass you by, you were never listening, reading, or paying attention in the first place.

This education is enough to make the common person go completely insane.  I already pull out my eyelashes, so I suppose complete loss of mental capacity isn’t too far down the road.

It is hard to express to someone who has never been in the situation exactly how terrible the competition truly is.  Within your class is a condensed group of intellectuals with varying backgrounds, but still equally intelligent and able.  You are forever engaging in a battle with people who are entirely like you and entirely against you at the very same time.  Every single person is competing for the exact same goal, whether they explicitly recognize it or not: the top 10%.

Others warned of the scars formed in law school, but I never imagined the wounds would fester so deep.


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