That TV Situation

Let me begin by telling everyone that I love my boyfriend very much, but I really dislike the television shows we end up watching together (except for South Park!).

Most of the time, he likes to take the remote, change the channel from what I was watching (usually something on the big broadcasting networks during prime time), and switch it to something “we both can agree on.” Most of the time, I just cede to his television desires and watch what he wants to watch. Sometimes, when I’m feeling a little brazen, I promptly object to any outdoorsy program that has anything to do with hunting or fishing. Because really, who wants to watch other people putz around on some yacht provided by their sponsors and wait for hours before they catch a fish? Not me.

Dave would argue that all of the television shows I like are boring and that no one actually wants to watch those. I would have to disagree, and someday, I will hand him a copy of the Nielsen ratings for all those “awful” shows I just love to watch. That’ll show him that his girlfriend has impeccable taste in TV as he takes the remote and changes to channel over to the Bassmaster Classic on ESPN.


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