Soap Box

I despise nothing more than job displacement in America.

This morning, in my work inbox, there was an e-mail about a story run in the local morning paper. The article was talking about how an Ohio company was shutting down more American plants to move to Mexico. They plan to offer severance pay to those who will lose their jobs and assist them in finding new employment.

I honestly do not believe this is good enough.

Local politicians are currently barraging citizens with their campaign ploys and novel ideas to improve Ohio. Every single person running for a position within the Ohio Legislature or seeking a more bureaucratic role in the government has made an issue of employment in this state. But when it comes to tax breaks for local businesses, they make whispered deals and shake hands under tables to move jobs out from under hard working Americans to other countries to “cut costs” and create efficiency within their companies.

I will be honest: I am no businesswoman. I have a liberal arts education and will receive a Juris Doctorate in a few years, but I have no idea on how to compute savings or increase efficiency except when it comes to grocery shopping and cleaning my apartment. I can, however; question what this will actually save these companies.

To me, the answer seems simple. It saves a Board of Directors from having to pay a few hundred or thousand extra workers a couple extra dollars an hour and pads their own bottom line. I fail to understand how business completely removes itself from the people that actually do the work and earn the money the company makes by building and assembling their product. How does moving across an ocean or just below the border save generations to come in America from the poor house? It only serves to make the future look grim and desolate.

So where are the promises of those politicians? They are sitting in Asia Pacific and Mexico where corrupt governments and communist societies gobble the profits of people anyway; in countries where unions are unthinkable and people still starve because it’s okay to pay them 10 cents an hour and not a decent wage. When you really look at it, all the ideas and promises of globalization only make Wal-Mart so much more despicable in it’s search for “falling prices.”

I’d rather pay $2.00 for a candy bar made in America, by Americans, than watch all hope for opportunity slip beneath the border fences they keep building just to keep prices low.

I have never been more disappointed in the local, state, and federal government than now. I strongly urge everyone to write their local congressman or congresswoman and tell them to tax the hell out of imports or bring our jobs back.


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